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Becoming Rather Than Being – Educar Apriendendo Act #2 at DOCVA, Milan


Answering the standardization of education caused by the approval of Bologna Reform, Becoming Rather Than Being – Acts of Self-Education advocates the formation of open and collective educational provisional-structures with the intention to facilitate alternative methodologies of learning. Theoretically starting from the assumption that art is a way of knowing, the project aims to promote actions and thoughts inside the art world, that define themselves in the movement of learning. The notion of “self” is, therefore, not considered as the origin of every cognitive process, but it turns into an objective to be reached through the realization of a never-ending condition of learning, able to generate a continual existential change.
In terms of activities the project is organized around a discursive platform that encourages talks, workshops as well as the production of texts and exhibitions. With the discursive platform BRTB wants to investigate how the act of learning can be transformed in to self-administered and self-organized processes, challenging the conceptual set-up of cultural institutions and creating new supporting infrastructures for the independent cultural scenes. BRTB moves away from the concepts of individual authorship and expertise, and advocates open collective educational structures that facilitate horizontal production, exchange and distribution of knowledge.