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Verica Kovacevska
Other Possible Worlds – Audioguide

Unlike a traditional exhibition audio guide, the focus of Other Possible Worlds – Audioguide will not primarily be the explanation of the works. Rather, the piece will nuance the dynamics of the relationship between an audio tour, art and beholder and will provide an extension of each work, further contributing to the discussion of multiple points of view and knowledge.
The guide will also engage the audience with each work in ways that are not familiar or apparent. It doing so, it will offer them a different approach to the nature and experience of art, and engage them as complicit partners in the making and reading of meaning. In this way, an artwork of its own is created which lies in the subtle interaction between the audience, the original artist’s work and the audio guide as an extraneus element that adds a new dimension.
The use of an audio guide as a tool will also ensure that my piece is perceived as a creation of its own that does not affect the original work, unless the audience consciously choses to listen to it.