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Laura McLean

LuftLab presents the LuftWagon, a self-propagating hub to augment online DIY / creative communities with a locus in the public domain. This fold-out plywood ‘shed on wheels’ provides wifi connection to, workspace, storage for shared tools, and a convertible micro-workshop / tutorial screening facility. provides the template for the creation of other LuftWagons using digital fabrication technology, and tutorials created by LuftWagon’s wiki-style users. Each LuftWagon acts as a content gathering hub, creating an online library of demonstrations and templates.

Channelling burgeoning creative commons culture and the spread of digital fabrication technology, the LuftWagon can be created wherever people want to share their creative process and find facilities lacking. As a portable, securable facility, each LuftWagon circumvents rental woes, and invites public accessibility. The LuftWagon template can be customised for local uses, concerns and tastes. The LuftWagon both emulates and propagates self-start creative projects, while adding a localised, embodied experience, facilitating resource sharing and inviting co-option.