Which roles can art projects, art spaces, self organized academies and labs play in developing conceptions of the world that go beyond purely economic globalization? Projects from various parts of the world are invited that propose and test out other realities of life and world views—from small artistic gestures to social experimentation.

‚Other Possible Worlds – Proposals on this Side of Utopia‘ is conceived as an ongoing pool for varied formats. Topics such as dealing with cultural differences, economic and ecological changes, processes of levelling and confusing complexities form the basis for a common space in which to raise questions.

The ‚Other Possible Worlds – Proposals on this Side of Utopia DICTIONARY‘ is understood as a cosmos of terminologies and fields of references. The collection aims to link diverse art practices, ideas, concepts, models, terms, projects, kits and modes of acting into a “Dictionary”, that strives to re-think existing structures and to develop other ways of creating orders.