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Periferry is based on a ferry barge on the river Brahmaputra in Guwhati, Assam, India.


‚Periferry‘ website vision statement:

To create a nomadic space for hybrid art practices. It is a laboratory for people cross-disciplinary practices. The project focuses on the creation of a network space for negotiating the challenge of contemporary cultural production. It is located on a ferry barge on river Brahmaputra and is docked in Guwhati, Assam.

‚Periferry‘ acts as a threshold, the place where all places meet and dialogue about collaborative practices and cultural resistance takes place. It offers the possibility of keeping up endless processes of movement, of enthusiastic resistance where the important thing is the fact of moving rather than performance of each group or individual.

It provides a space for experimentation and new media approaches, public and community arts, which are based in and relevant to the immediate local and aim at the empowerment of the community and reclaiming the public space, at the same time connecting also with the Global.