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La Torre del Ruido / The Tower of Noise, 2006 - 2010

Yoel Diaz Vázquez
La Torre del Ruido / The Tower of Noise

Yoel Diaz Vázquez’s work explores the way that contradictions in the world are rendered subjective in different contexts. In ‚La Torre del Ruido‘, Vázquez invites rappers from the underground scene in Havana to speak their mind about life in present-day Cuba through sung interventions filmed in domestic settings. The resulting discourses are invariably critical and express the thoughts of an ample cross-section of the Cuban youth. The footage is shown on dozens of monitors piled up in the form of a tower, each showing the intervention of one rapper.

When approaching the installation environment, the sounds and images from the televisions strike the visitor as something of a cacophony. Getting closer to the tower, his or her attention automatically funnels to a smaller number of stimuli, which stand out from the others. Eventually, the viewer‘s concentration may be whittled down to a single monitor, allowing the song of that particular rapper to prevail over the rest. In its physical configuration, the work is a metaphor for the conflict between a public context, in which discourse is reduced to mere noise, and a more private situation, where people can speak and be heard.

Agnaldo Farias