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Welcome to Cybermohalla

“Mohalla” in Hindi and Urdu means neighborhood. Sarai and Ankur’s ‚Cybermohalla‘ project takes on the meaning of the word “mohalla”—with its sense of alleys and corners, relatedness and concreteness—as a means for talking about one’s “place” in the city and in cyberspace.

‚Cybermohalla‘ is a network of young researcher-practitioners from different urban neighborhoods in Delhi, who work out of self-adminis­tered media labs and studios in their own neighbourhoods. In the last ten years, close to 450 young people have constituted the ‚Cybermohalla‘ network. Innovating a diverse range of minor practices between them—through which they create, gather, share and transform materials—they have immanently built conceptual resources and vocabularies by which to think the contemporary urban. An infrastructure made possible by digital technologies forms the backbone of ‚Cybermohalla’—as a site of experimentation, a linkage to others in the network, and a space that keeps the archive of the environment alive. ‚Cybermohalla‘ practitioners have produced a body of works—books, broadsheets, installations, radio programmes, blogs about the city, etc.—which have found circulation in different locations and diverse circuits, both local and international. During this period they have conversed and worked with coders, architects, writers, scholars, new media practitioners, designers, legal researchers, urban researchers, translators and sound artists from various contexts across the world.

‚Cybermohalla‘ is a collaborative project by Sarai-CSDS, (Delhi), and Ankur: Society for
Alternatives in Education, (Delhi).