Beatrice Balcou

’shrinkth‘ is an open idea in development.

Why shouldn’t we, in the face of the actual state of the world, link the Utopia of a better world to
the idea of decrease? Instead of supporting growth we could praise the virtues of degrowth, as
subscribed by certain economists since 1968 (Club of Rome).

Our world operates according to the laws of production, consumption and economical growth. Nevertheless, today we are aware that we live above the capacities of that same world. Ecological disaster and the recent financial crisis have proven this. In spite of these alarming facts we keep on believing in a better world of growth, an Utopia of abundance.

r-Ohm gave the new road to a new Utopia a name: ‚Shrinkth‘.

Can we produce degrowing?
Can we produce degrowing art?
In other words, can we produce artwork that handles shrinkth?