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Tongue Laden, Berlin, from January 8 to 29, 2009

Oda Projesi + Nadin Reschke

TONGUE is a project about language. The artists imitate a language course to enable a discussion on the use of language, and to learn languages with and from each other—daily language, mixed language, Kiezlanguage or Kauder­german. Through three weeks of the project, Oda Projesi and Nadin Reschke worked with neighbors, artists, philosophers, linguists, school children and students over twelve classes—both learning and teaching languages. Together they asked: “what results from borrowing the ordinary form of a language course in order to look at the ways language is used in daily life?” Everyone has their own personal grammar, everyone can create new languages, and every person has the right to talk a hybrid language informed by the situations of his or her daily life.